Grassroots Marketing, Community Engagement, Media Relations

Perspectives Charter Schools (PCS) is one of the first charter schools in Illinois. Perspectives manages five open enrollment, tuition-free public schools serving 2,200 students in grades 6-12 in the communities of Auburn Gresham, Bronzeville and the South Loop. Their mission is that all Perspectives Charter Schools will provide students with a rigorous and relevant education, based on the ethical principles of A Disciplined Life®, preparing them for life in a changing world and helping them further become intellectually reflective, caring and ethical people engaged in a meaningful life.

PCS tapped TGG for assistance raising their profile among the media, funders and families/students. Their desired goal was to be viewed as the premier educational institution among charter schools, be recognized for their A Disciplined Life® principles, boost student enrollment and increase funds raised.

We designed various strategies in the marketing mix to assist in obtaining their desired goals; including but not limited to creating and implementing a Street Marketing Team to ensure PCS had a visible presence and voice in the communities they serve, at major events and recruitment fairs. We were also able to generate a vast amount of media attention for their various community activities, safe passage involvement and academic accomplishments.