Community Relations, Crisis Management, Media Relations

CSX Transportation has a significant physical presence within the urban inner City of Chicago and southern Cook County. CSX desired to build a more positive, visible presence within the African American and Latino communities and amongst the Black and Latino Caucuses, as well as garner more recognition for their community giving. In the midst of this desire, CSX faced an imminent crisis in the form of the seemingly unlawful and racist firing of several African American and Latino intermodal works right before the Christmas holiday.

The Gemini Group needed to quietly raise CSX’s profile amongst community stakeholders; including community leaders, elected officials and business leaders, without creating an atmosphere of CSX having an open checkbook. TGG created a community outreach strategy that would increase visibility and generate buzz for CSX. We also developed a business diversity plan to assist in boosting contract and job opportunities specifically for the African American and Latino communities. When the crisis arose we developed a Crisis Response Action Plan that involved media relations and community outreach to ensure CSX did not lose all the progress made as well as ensure the right story was told.

CSX was not only able to quickly resolve the firing situation, but later that year be recognized as a good corporate citizen by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. and the Rainbow Push Coalition. Today, CSX boasts of the most diverse workforce in the transportation industry and is widely recognized by elected officials, community stakeholders and business leaders as friends and assets to the African American and Latino communities.