Community Relations, Media Relations

Chicago Blackhawks have won six Stanley Cup championships since their founding in 1926, and they are the current Stanley Cup Champions. Coming off a 2013 Stanley Cup winning championship season, the Chicago Blackhawks had a strong desire to boost their presence, strengthen their relationship and grow their brand within the African American and Latino communities.

The Gemini Group analyzed the Blackhawks brand within the African American and Latino communities and devised a relationship development plan that consisted of identifying key opportunities to strategically launch a relationship development campaign. TGG designed and implemented the first ever African American and Latino community Stanley Cup Tour. The Blackhawks took the Cup to two different locations in the inner city of Chicago, giving fans an opportunity to take pictures and touch the silver chalice, in addition to meeting with Blackhawks defenseman Johnny Oduya and other representatives. We announced the tour through an urban media tour, a first for the Blackhawks.

TGG enabled the Blackhawks to bring the Stanley Cup to Chicago’s urban inner city for the first time in its revered 121-year history. This event was not only covered by all the African American and Latino media, but by the mainstream media as well, in addition to trending as one of the top Chicago stories on social media that week.