Glenn M. Harston II had a vision to build a legacy. Born out of his drive to help companies develop relationships in the communities they serve, he founded The Gemini Group in 1998.   In true Gemini fashion, the name represents two sides of the brain – creative and strategic. TGG is an integrated Marketing, Public Relations and Crisis Management firm with strong ties in the African-American, Hispanic and young urban communities.

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Glenn M. Harston II got his entrepreneurial spirit from his father, Glenn Harston, Sr. After college Glenn worked in Marketing, Public Relations and Community Relations for R.J. Dale Advertising and Public Relations, Ketchum, and Metra but he wanted to start his own firm focused on building long lasting relationships. Today he is known as “The Relationship Developer” and recognized as one of the “best strategic minds, crisis communications and media advisers”.  His awards and recognitions include:




Glennese Ray
Executive Vice President
Email: [email protected]

Michael Bailey
Vice President, New Account Development
Email: [email protected]


Tina Moore
Vice President, Event Planning & Management
Email: [email protected]

Alphonse Gonzales
Vice President, Latino Affairs
Email: [email protected]

Geneen Harston
Vice President, Media Relations
Email: [email protected]

Michelle Grace
Vice President, Marketing
Email: [email protected]





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