The Gemini Group is a leading integrated marketing, public relations and crisis management firm with the specialized capabilities: segmented marketing, brand development, media relations, community/public affairs and event planning. We are a strategic, aggressive, energetic firm with very strong community ties and focus on the African American, Latino & Young Urban Consumer Markets. Our sweet spot is where business, consumer, politics, and media collide. We pride ourselves on developing multi-level campaign-style approaches to help our clients achieve their goals. We have contributed to the success of a number of high profile brands, companies, people and organizations, such as: President Barack Obama’s Illinois State and United States Senate Campaigns, Black Contractors United, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Urban League, CSX Transportation, GCM Grosvenor, McDonald’s, METRA, Midwest Gaming, Miller Brewing Company, Tanqueray London Gin, The Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Wendy’s International, to name a few.

The specific strategies we use are obviously based on the individual clients and their desired goals; however, our philosophical approach is the same – to develop long lasting, beneficial relationships. We believe all business is based on relationships; thus, companies are always trying to strengthen their relationship with their customers.

It has often been said, “It’s not necessarily what you know it’s who you know and how well they know you.” The Gemini Group better acquaints our clients with their target market (whether the target market is the African-American, Latino, Young Urban or General Markets or the media), which is very beneficial for them to “know” and more important for the target market to “know” our clients. We have the knowledge, creativity, experience, marketing savvy and network to allow our clients to successfully develop a mutually beneficial relationship with their target market.



Glennese Ray
Executive Vice President
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Michael Bailey
Vice President, New Account Development
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Tina Moore
Vice President, Event Planning & Management
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Alphonse Gonzales
Vice President, Latino Affairs
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Geneen Harston
Vice President, Media Relations
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